Vote Bruce Bain for the 164th District Court

The 164th District court needs Bruce Bain, an accomplished litigator, legal mediator and family man. As a business owner, he understands the value of time and efficiency and he’ll bring that to the 164th District Court. His broad base of experience will enable him to rule quickly on the wide variety of matters that come before a Civil District Court Judge.
Experienced Litigator
Accomplished trial attorney with over three decades of civil trial experience in both state and federal courts.
Experienced Mediator
A certified mediator with over 70 hours of mediation training.
Diverse Legal Experience
Includes commercial, toxic tort, insurance defense and subrogation, constitutional, personal injury, partnership, business, and real estate law.
Experienced Business Owner
Bruce has also been a businessman since 1992. Bruce is currently a managing shareholder in Bain & Bain, PLLC, and formerly a shareholder/ partner in Soape, Brown, McDermott, P.C.


Super excited to support my friend in his bid for judgeship. Bruce Bain is an outstanding statesman who fairly represents the law. He is an ethical man with strong traditional family values. He and his wife Joanie Bain are partners in both life and business  and have together raised four successful young men. This family knows Houston and knows the justice system; Bruce also “knows his lane” and will never act as an activist on the bench. Please join me in supporting my friend and come out to personally meet him. You’ll find an approachable, down to earth, and humble spirit. The finest pick for judge!

– Mel Nellis Haynie

I know this election season has been filled with drama, but let me give you an easy decision to make. Vote for my friend and neighbor Bruce Bain for 164th District Court Judge. Bruce is a good man, a super hard worker, and is passionate about serving our community.

– Tom Douthit

My friend and family in Harris County… I have known Bruce Bain for more than 20 years. Please vote for Bruce!

– Sheila Fowler Castanie Portella

Houston Karate Academy Black Belts are voting Bruce Bain for Judge in the 164th District Court. The Bain family is a 32 year family here at HKA, and we can speak to his integrity, honesty, and dedication to both his family, and the justice system. He is a three decade trial attorney and he and his wife have four beautiful boys, all of which are Black Belts here at HKA. Mr. Garcia and I are voting for Bruce Bain, a kind man that will respect all people, and will serve with honor and compassion!

– April Cunningham

When you vote, either early or on November 8th, be sure to vote Bruce Bain for judge! My good friend Bruce Bain is running for Judge in he 164th District Court. (I think you’ll agree that Bruce even looks like a judge!) Please vote for Bruce and encourage all your friends to do the same. He will serve us well. I have known Bruce and Joanie very well for more than 25 years and I can attest to his competency for his deserving place on the bench. Joanie is also an accomplished Houston attorney. All four of their sons are Eagle Scouts! No small order for parents. Bruce Bain Jr. is even a pilot in the United States Air Force. For Bruce, there are no short cuts, he plays by the rule of law. He is an honorable man and is deserving of the title “Your Honor.” Please show your support and vote for him!

– Bill Lackey

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