Vote Bruce Bain for the 164th District Court

The 164th District court needs Bruce Bain, an accomplished litigator, legal mediator and family man. As a business owner, he understands the value of time and efficiency and he’ll bring that to the 164th District Court. His broad base of experience will enable him to rule quickly on the wide variety of matters that come before a Civil District Court Judge.
Experienced Litigator
Accomplished trial attorney with over three decades of civil trial experience in both state and federal courts.
Experienced Mediator
A certified mediator with over 70 hours of mediation training.
Diverse Legal Experience
Includes commercial, toxic tort, insurance defense and subrogation, constitutional, personal injury, partnership, business, and real estate law.
Experienced Business Owner
Bruce has also been a businessman since 1992. Bruce is currently a managing shareholder in Bain & Bain, PLLC, and formerly a shareholder/ partner in Soape, Brown, McDermott, P.C.

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